Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur

It is one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire world, Petronas tower also known by the name of Petronas Twin Tower come in a pair of two and it is located in the capital city of KaulaLampur. It has earned the title of being the tallest twin tower in the entire world here – 5 Things to Do in Malaysia.

The main piece of attraction in this tower is walking on the bridge that adjoins the two towers and offers visitors incredible view of the city.

Sunbathe on Langkawi

Fancy stepping out of the bustling city? Then take a trip to Langkawi Island, it is first of all an archipelago of more than a hundred islands of different shape and sizes in the famous Andaman Sea. Among all of those islands only two are inhabited by population and Langkawi is the biggest one with over 60,000 populants.

Sunbathe on Langkawi Malaysia 5 Things to Do in Malaysia

This island is known for being popular with backpackers and honeymooners and suits the budget of all kinds of tourists.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park

This national park is in truth a collection of five different islands. These islands are formed off the coast of Lota Kinabalu, Eastern Malaysia in a place named Sabah. Ferry rides can take you to this part of the island and some of the islands are untouched. On the other hand some of the island such as Gaya Islands are highly crowded and busier in comparision to untouched islands such as Sulug Island.

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Hiking, trekking, swimming and scuba diving are activities available here.

Exploring the culture of Kota Bharu

This island is found in the western coast of the Malaysian island nation in a state named Kelantan. To the eastern side of the same country the pace and atmosphere is an interest of change. It is found that many visitors fail to visit this place due to its image as a highly conservative region than other parts of the country. But, there are other places to visit such as the old royal palace.

Take a trip to Genting Highlands

It is a resort located on the Titiwangsa Mountains and can be found at an elevation of over 5,000 feet this resort is a famous destination where local and international tourists visit in a huge number. This attraction includes various bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theme parks and a cable car that previously was recognized as the world’s fastest and south asia’s longest gondola ride.

These are the unique attractions to visit in the two cities and, S h S holidays  Malaysia honeymoon packages will ensure you get a tailor made tour package enlisting these destinations.


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