Sabah Malaysia

Located in the Malaysian Borneo, Sabah has been attracting backpackers from all over the world for a long tether now. Apart from its rich culture, Sabah is better known for its rainforests and wildlife. Sabah unravels the rejuvenating opportunity for you to engage in a number of activities including climbing the tallest mountain of Malaysia and much more. The best time to visit Sabah Malaysia is during the months of August and September. Here are the places that you can visit in Sabah Malaysia:


  1. Mount Kinabalu: Being the tallest peak in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu has been attracting trekking-enthusiasts from all across the globe. However, one needs to plan in advance as the organized tour for mountain climbing is usually sold out months before the actual date. One should also consider climbing up the Sacred Mountain from where a spectacular sunrise can be seen.

Mount Kinabalu


  1. Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park: Shall you desire to go for snorkeling, you should definitely visit the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park. Five protected islands including Gaya, Sapi, Mamutik, Sulug, and Manukan can be easily accessed by speedboat from Kota Kinabalu. All of these islands are popular for their crystal clear water and colorful marine life. This is one of the best tourist places in Sabah.



  1. The Survivor Island: Located in the South China Sea, Survivor Island rose to fame after the popular television series named Survivor. In addition, you can also go for a day trip to the rare mud volcano. What will make this trip even more memorable are the three islands inclusive of the Kalampunian Damit and Kalampunian Besar?

The- Survivor Island


  1. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre: With deforestation destroying the habitats of the orangutans, the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre has taken the initiative to train orphan orangutans. You can see the orangutans here from the viewing platform as they learn to survive. The best time to visit this place is the time between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Orangutans are given bananas during this time.


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  1. Probosci’s Monkeys: If you are willing to go for a river cruise on the Kinabatangan river, you will be able to see wild proboscis monkeys as well. They are much popular for their pot belly and long red nose. Fortunate tourists often get to see elephants, crocodiles, and hornbills as well. This is one of the less explored places in Sabah Malaysia.


  1. Danum Valley: Many adventure seekers consider visiting the Danum valley for the ultimate jungle experience. Located in Eastern Sabah, the Danum Valley allows you to go on a trek to the Virgin rainforest. In addition, you can also go for night safaris as well as canopy walks. Many travelers here enjoy learning a bit more about the conservation from the resident scientists.

Danum Valley


  1. Maliau Basin: Surrounding the Maliau River, the Maliau basin is known for its self-contained ecosystem. Being a paradise for nature-lovers, this part of Sabah remains largely unexplored till date. With most of the are unmapped here, it takes a great deal of time and patience to reach the basin. In addition, you can go swimming in the waterfalls and wildlife spotting here as well.


  1. Unbelievable Flowers: If you have never seen carnivorous pitcher plant in real life, this is your opportunity to do so. This plant attracts the insects with its nectar and then digests them with fluid. Another unusual flower that is found in Kinabalu Park is the Stinking Corpse Lily. This plant releases foul odor to attract insects and then spreads its pollen.


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  1. Tip of Borneo: Located at the Northernmost part of Borneo, the Tip of Borneo lets you see the point where both the Sulu Sea and South China Sea come to convergence. Don’t forget to take pictures of the rocky outcrops here. You will find a bronze globe containing the map of Borneo inside the park here. A day trip to the Tip of Borneo will make your trip to Sabah absolutely cherishable.


Tip of Borneo

  1. Dancing Fireflies in Kota Belud: You must go on a river cruise in Kota Belud to see the fireflies. It will take approximately one and a half hour for you to reach here. But it is totally worth it as you will get to see dancing fireflies in the evening. The best time to see them is the time after the sunset in the evening. If you arrive early, you can do the probosci’s monkey tour packages malaysia from here as well.



Even though there are quite few options for you to stay in Sabah Malaysia, you should live close to the Mother nature to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The Sepilok Nature Resort here combines the jungle accommodation with luxury. The Nak Hotel located in Sandakan offers you spectacular views of the Sulu Sea. The Narada Hotel in Kota Kinabalu is known for its well-appointed rooms and modern facilities. You can also stay in the Cozy Duplex Apartment in Sabah. The Home Sweet Home Airbnb is within close proximity from the City Centre and is ideal for couple travelers. You can also stay in the Pacific Sutera Harbor Resort which is known for its contemporary rooms and breathtaking views of the South China Sea. Another option that you can go for is Riverson Soho.


There are a number of dishes that you must try during your visit to Sabah. The Tuaran noodles is really famous here and is known for its toppings of pork, egg, veggies etc. You should also try the Beaufort noodles which usually comes with a smoky sauce. Another popular dish among the locals is the Ngiu Chap Beef noodles that is absolutely healthy. You can also try a number of seafood dishes here including the Latok which looks like seaweed. What you should not miss during your stay in Sabah is the Sang Nyuk Mian which is basically noodles made with pork. You can also try the Hinava which is basically raw fish marinated with lime juice


There are only a few shopping places in Sabah in addition to the shopping streets. The Imago Shopping Mall here is popular for modern quality stores offering a wide variety of items. You can also consider visiting the Gaya Street Sunday Market that is known for gifts, souvenirs, etc. The Night Market in Kota Kinabalu is known for souvenirs and clothes as well. You can also visit the Desa Dairy Farm which offers a guided tour and you can buy from the shop onsite. Suria Sabah is one of the most modern shopping malls that Sabah has. To buy local products, you must visit the Kadaiku at Kota Kinabalu.

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