12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year

So you want to walk the shores of a foreign land, but are wary of budget woes? Worry not. Foreign trips are cheaper than you think and with a little planning, you can have the most memorable international vacations that might cost even less than travelling to a domestic hotspot. Prepare diligently. Plan in advance. And think of the fun you’ll have. Need help deciding where to head to? Check out our guide on the  One of the most common myths is that travelling abroad is expensive here see – 12 Lowest  International  Destinations to Visit End Of the Year.


Well, we bring good news to you, because it is not. All it takes to make it easy on your pockets is a meticulous research to get the best deals possible and smart planning. Here’s the list which spells out everything that you need to know about a budgeted trip to these 12 international trips under 50000:

12 Vietnam lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
One of the most cheap international destinations from india, A one-way trip to this Southeast Asian country, famous for its beaches and Buddhist pagodas, costs around ₹17,000. Staying at a hostel is cheap and you can easily find one that charges ₹1000 per night.

Staying at a mid-level hotel is also affordable, costing ₹8,500 for a 7-day tour. For meals, a decent restaurant will serve you a 3-course meal for around ₹800.

Bhutan 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
Taking a train to West Bengal, travelling to Hasimara- the town bordering Bhutan, and then booking a cab to Phuntshoeling should not cost your more than ₹4000. You have the option to stay over at the locals’ to soak in the local traditions which will cost around ₹1,500.

You can also stay at hotels which start from ₹2,000 per night. A typical meal costs between ₹100-₹ 400 per person.
South Korea

South Korea 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
Travelling to Korea will be the most expensive part of your trip but a good deal can bring the cost down to around ₹28,000 for a round trip. If you plan to travel in a big group, you can avail a discount that will reduce the price of accommodation to around ₹1,500 per person per night.


You can also bunk up with the large Indian community living in South Korea. A meal from a good restaurant will cost you around ₹400.

thailand 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
A round trip, if you find the right deals, will get you to and from Thailand in just about ₹18,000. Staying at hostels is the cheapest that’ll cost about ₹200-₹400 per night. You can also choose to stay at a hotel which will cost you around ₹1,200 per day. The food in Thailand is super cheap and you will not have to shell out more than ₹300 per meal.

Singapore 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
One of the world’s financial capitals Singapore can easily be explored on a budget trip as there are many hostels that accommodate budget travellers for as low as Rs 1000 per day. Public transport is a breeze with Singapore Mass Rapid Transit.

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Things to do: Visit the futuristic Marina Bay, Gardens By The Bay and Clarke Quay, spot exotic animals at Singapore Zoo, and enjoy the beauty of National Orchid Garden, take a tour of the iconic Chinatown and Universal Studios, relax at Sentosa Island and walk along the high end Orchard Street.
Sri Lanka

Srilanka 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
Most people briefly stop in Colombo before heading to the gorgeous beaches on the western coast of Sri Lanka. But if all you have is a few days off, and you want to get out of the country, head to Colombo and give it a chance. Visit the Gangaramaya Temple and other nearby Buddhist temples for a spiritual experience. Walk around in the Colombo Fort area where every building has a rich history, and so many tales to tell.


Bargain to your heart’s content at Pettah Market, Colombo’s huge open market where you will find everything from fruits to jewellery. Savour delicious Sri Lankan food, especially if you like seafood. But vegetarians, don’t worry, there’s plenty for you too in one of the best cheap international holiday destinations from India!

Dubai 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
Surprised that it made our list of the best cheap international holidays from India? Guess what? It takes a while for an outsider to look beyond the layers of glamour that Dubai seems to have become synonymous with. But when you do, you’ll notice that there is so much you can do in this incredible city. A long walk around the old Bastakiya district is a must do for history buffs.

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Whether or not you want to make a purchase, you must definitely visit the Deira Gold Souk just for the experience. Get away from the traffic and crowds and take a desert safari and do some dune bashing. Or just be a tourist and visit the Burj Khalifa and other notable skyscrapers, if only for the splendid views.

Bali 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
Rice plantations so green that you wonder if nature has some kind of photoshop. Intricately sculpted temples, blue-green seas and sandy beaches – these are just a few things from the mixed goody bag that is Bali. Experience a little of everything when you’re on this beautiful foreign trip. Laze on the glorious beaches of Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Visit the crafts villages in Ubud and the surrounding villages.


Water sports enthusiasts have tons of options to go surfing or diving. If you’re feeling more adventurous, trek up Mount Batur, one of Bali’s active volcanoes. After your trek, treat those sore muscles to a relaxing Balinese massage. Travel to Bali to experience one of the most romantic international honeymoon destinations.
Male, Maldives

Maldives 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
The Maldives, with its turquoise waters, colourful sea life and exotic spas, has in recent years been wooing the Indian traveller like never before. Male, the capital of the Maldives, is located in the North Male Atoll, and is connected by air to major Indian cities. The underwater life in the sea lends a whole new meaning to the term colourful, and scuba diving enthusiasts are set to have a highly memorable experience.


After a few days in the capital, head out to explore another inhabited island to get a true taste of the culture in this beautiful country. And yes, despite its majestic and otherworldly feel, it’s amazingly one of the cheap international holidays from India.
Malacca, Malaysia

Malaysia 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
We’ve all heard of Kuala Lumpur, but how many of us have really given thought to Malacca? With its Portuguese influence clearly visible in the buildings and streets, Malacca is truly one of the top cheap international holiday destinations from India, and a city that is brimming with history.


Jonker Street is a great place to stumble upon antiques and other collectibles. With its myriad colours, Malacca is a photographer’s delight too. Get here by road after a cheap flight to the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur; it’ll just take you about an hour and a half.

Bangkok 12 lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
How many of you have asked friends to purchase electronic goods or branded accessories from Bangkok? Why not head there and buy them for yourself, because if you plan reasonably well in advance, tickets to Bangkok are pretty cheap from Mumbai, New Delhi or any other major Indian city.

And Bangkok is not just a retail therapy haven, but it is also full of beautiful Buddhist temples, lip smackingly delicious street food and lovely floating markets.

Cambodia lowest international destinations to visit end of the year
With cheap accommodation options and even cheaper food, Cambodia is as reasonable as any international destination can be. Once a tourist no-go zone, Cambodia today is hot property on the travel map – popping up ever so often on many a bucket list. And it is not just backpackers we are talking about. Even tourists looking

for five star luxuries – without wanting to sell an organ – find themselves headed to this beautiful country. There are lots of fabulously priced accommodation options that are conveniently located – minutes from the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park – half the reason that most visitors head to Cambodia! A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must, and preferably at dawn when you can watch the sun rise from behind the iconic temple.

Entry to the site costs INR 1,095 for the full day, though paying the discounted INR 2,190 for three days is a better deal – you will need the time considering the number of temples that dot the compound; plus the fact that the you will have to duck into the shade – or air conditioning – once the mid-day sun hits!


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