maldives 6 reasons to travel around the maldives

Maldives is a tourist destination that boasts of  unparalleled luxury, beautiful pearl white beaches and an underwater world that will want to make you visit Maldives for a holiday each year. If there were a hypothetical trophy that had to be awarded to a cluster of the best beaches in the world, Maldives would win it fair and square. The 1200 islands in Maldives are so perfect that you will feel like you have ended up in paradise here – 6 reasons to travel around the Maldives. Get Detail of 15+ Popular Maldives Tour Package for Couples

Some beaches have softer granules whereas others do not. All these reasons bring more than a million people annually to this remote little heaven in the paradise of Indian Ocean! Read more about the top 6 reasons to travel around the Maldives:

Unique Water Sports: Seabob And X-jetblades

We know how most beach destinations have a wide array of water sports to be done these days. But, Maldives is a step ahead when it comes to this and hosts some of the coolest water sports. You might have tried kayaking, snorkelling and jet-skiing before but Maldives takes things up to another notch with activities like seabobbing. If you want to experiment with going underwater, just get on a Seabob water sled and take a plunge on this personal submarine–meets–waterproof scooter which lets you move as gracefully as a dolphin beneath the surface.

unique water sports 6 reasons to travel around the Maldives

However, make sure you wear a mask to protect both your eyes and nose from the saltwater underneath. Press the throttle, tilt the Seabob downwards and head towards bottom of the surface while moving as easily as you can while holding your breath. Another activity that enthusiasts can experiment with is X-JetBlades, an under-the-foot hydro-thrust flight system. Nothing beats the experience of flying over the water with full freedom of movement.

The glorious Maldivian sunset:

glorious maldivian 6 reasons to travel around the maldives
Yes, we know that the sun sets everywhere but a Maldivian sunset is extraordinary beyond imagination. The sun might set at different places around the world in 24 hours but trust us when we say that a Maldivian sunset is ultimate. When it is day in this tropical paradise, one can see more than half of the colour spectrum through the greens of palm trees and blues of the ocean. However, when the sun sets on the island, what one can notice are shades of the brightest yellows, oranges and reds.

Interesting activities to be done here to enjoy the sunset even more are a dolphin-watching sunset cruise or simply resting on a beach chair to enjoy the golden hour at its best. Make sure you carry your camera along for some Insta-worthy shots in the sun since the fading light sets the stage perfectly for some stunning photos. The best time to visit maldives for honeymoon is when the weather is pleasant between the months of November and April.

World-class Diving And Sea Life

Diving 6 reasons to travel around the Maldives
No matter where you are in the Maldives and on which island, one thing that stays constant is the vibrant underwater life that thrives in the Indian Ocean here. Turquoise Water, dazzling corals, and many species of tropical fish and huge manta rays combined with great visibility make it an adventure to be inside the waters here.

Whether you go for snorkeling, scuba diving or even a turtle safari in Maldives, exploring the deep here is an unparalleled experience. Make sure you take your refresher course seriously before you dive,since being safe is the utmost priority! In the Maldives, you’re guaranteed to spot incredible sea life and the best part is how the staff clicks your pictures during the dive with their cool GoPros to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Excellent Surfing Options

Surfing reasons to travel around the Maldives
We know it is no Australia but surfing in Maldives is another experience that you must try in life. The Indian Ocean’s waves are going to surprise you and as you go farther into the middle of nowhere, the less likely you’ll be looking for prime wave space. As you go towards the equator, in the middle of the Ocean, you will realise how Maldives is a surfer’s paradise.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert at surfing;  Maldives has the perfect option for you if you want to do some surf and chill!  One of the best places is the Laamu Atoll because its clear and consistent waves.

White-sand Beaches

When the thoughts of breaking free from our monotonous life come to our mind, the first image that comes if of a postcard-perfect coastline with turquoise blue waters bordering pear sand beaches and our tired bodies lounging on a beach towel with a coconut cocktail in the hand! A morning of a delectable breakfast and jogging on the sand or doing yoga is what we all dream of and one of the most important reasons why many decide to flock to Maldives to vacation is because of the perfect white sand beaches that the region houses.

white beach 6 reasons to travel around the maldives

It is absolutely perfect for sunbathing. Moreover, there are very few things better than a coconut straight from a palm tree on the white sands of the Maldives. We love to just sit on the sand and get lost in our thoughts as we look towards the infinite waters.

Vibrant Maldivian Culture

Maldivian culture 6 reasons to travel around the maldives

Very few things make a destination as special as the culture of the locals does! It is very important to experience the time in a new place as a traveller rather than as a tourist. If you are truly interested in exploring Maldives, you must seek for an experience involving the Maldivian culture which is vibrant, diverse and colourful.

Look for groups in their dance parties as they perform their local folk dance, the bodu beru or take a tour of the capitalcity of Male by riding a dhoni, a traditional boat. Take a stab at some key phrases in the regional language, Dhivehi. Maldivian cuisine is another testament to the rich cult has had to rely on the creative combination of coconut and tuna for much of its history.

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