Gangaramaya Temple Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical land and is popularly called “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. That is why it attracts people from different corners of the world. You can book your Sri Lanka honeymoon packages Smart Holiday Shop by contacting us at [email protected] or 7838398058. Below is the list of the  and the Things to do on a Honeymoon in Sri Lanka things you can do there:

  • Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Turtle beach is a dreamy and romantic place of Sri Lanka. You can walk the beachside to experience the soft ocean breeze caressing towards your body. Enjoy the sounds that the waves make when coming crashing against the shoreline. Roam around barefoot and be yourself.

  • Candlelit beach dinner

Candlelit beach dinner Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its beaches. Take the most out of your stay and take up a candle light dinner at the beach side. You may create a lot of romantic memories, have yummy food and take lots of pictures with your spouse.


  • Sail the Indian Ocean

Sail the Indian Ocean Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

The curvy waves offer a romantic view. You may sail towards the coast of East or South. The beautiful landscapes, sunny weather and the cool breeze has all what it takes.

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  • Float in air with your spouse

You may take a hot air balloon to explore Sri Lanka. You may have a great time floating over the turquoise water, golden sandy patches & the lush green lands. This is something unique for the newlyweds.

  • Take a boat ride

Take a boat ride Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

You may have endless options to enjoy boating once you are at Sri Lanka. You may have a romantic boat ride on the Madu River. You may also take up boat safari at the Trincomalee & Mirissa. Once you are at the sothern coast you may also spot whales.

  • Helicopter ride

Helicopter ride Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

You can also explore Sri Lanka with your spouse by talking a helicopter ride. You may enjoy endless things such as the exotic animals, heritage sites, landscapes and similar destinations.

  • Snorkel in Pigeon Island

Snorkeling Pigeon Island Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

This lets you to discover captivating shipwrecks, varieties of tropical fishes & incredibly beautiful coral reefs. This island is located towards the northern side of Trincomalee. Other scuba diving & snorkeling spots in Sri Lanka includes Weligama and Kirinda.

  • Floating Market in Pettah

Your journey is incomplete to Sri Lanka if you have not visited the floating market in Pettah. This will give you the most unusual and prettiest things to do in Sri Lanka. You can buy varieties of things such as locals vegetables, fruits, electronics, jewellery, accessories, bags, footwear & even clothes. This fascinating market is situated above the beautiful Beira Lake. There are many honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka and this is one of them.

  • Colombo’s buzzing nightlife

Colombo is all about nightlife. Sri Lanka is a magical island nation offering fascinating nightlife to its visitors. You may get fully entertained at the thriving nightclubs and enjoy bustling casinos, delectable cuisines & live music. Gambling is a legal activity in Sri Lanka.

  • Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya Temple Things to do on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka

You may visit the holy Gangaramaya Temple and take love vows with your spouse. This temple is known for its architecture, art & mythological significance. It is a famous Buddhist temple reflecting a fusion of Thai, Chinese & Indian style of architecture.

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