hong kong holiday top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

During the night, when the sun sets and humidity of the day subsides, Hong Kong really shines. There are as many activities to keep you occupied during the night as the day, admittedly many of them aimed at the hedonist here – top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong Macau at night are.

Macau does not have as many things to do as Hong Kong and most of its nightlife revolves around the casinos. You can book best hong kong macau tour packages on discount rates,hong kong macau family holiday packages  from Smart Holiday Shop by contacting us at [email protected] or 7838398058.


  1. The Symphony of Lights:

It has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest permanent light and sound show. This spectacular display takes place nightly and starts at 8pm. Synchronizing the lights of key buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbor waterfront, the showcase comprises five themes to celebrate the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong, along with musical effects to add to the vibrancy of the incredible night vista.

  1. Night races at the Happy Valley:

night races at the happy valley Top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

Racecourse attract thousands of spectators on each occasion and billions of dollars in bets each racing season (September to June). The bright lights and electric atmosphere are home to one of Hong Kong’s favorite pastimes: making money through a favorite money sport – horse racing.

  1. Temple Street Night Market:

temple street night market top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

It gives you a chance to experience Hong Kong up close and personal. It’s a cross-section of Hong Kong’s society condensed into one street. Found at the junction of Temple Street and Jordan Road, it has more than a hundred stalls crammed into five blocks. You can find everything from counterfeit goods to herbal medicines, all being aggressively sold under the glare of bare light bulbs.

  1. Lan Kwai Fong:

lan kwai fong top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

It is synonymous with bars and drinking. It’s Hong Kong’s legendary nightlife zone, with over 90 restaurants and bars. You’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s popular with expatriates, and it’s the place to be if you’re looking to drink or dance in a club. It’s located a short walk away from Central MTR Station – you’ll know it once you see it.

  1. Go dancing at Club 97:

go dancing at club top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

Twenty-six years ago, Club 97 emerged on the Hong Kong nightlife scene. Today it’s one of the city’s top dance venues. Despite its age, the interior is sleek and modern, and a queue usually snakes outside on weekend nights. After a good dinner and maybe some drinks, this is a perfect place to party on the dance floor.

top 10 best things to do in Hong Kong Macau at night

  1. Head to the casinos in Macau:

head to the casinos in macau top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

If you’re already taking a stroll along the Cotai Strip, you might as well head in to try your luck at Macau’s many casinos. The Venetian alone – the largest casino in the world – has 550,000 sq ft (51,096.7 sq m) of casino space, with 800 gambling tables, and 3,400 slot machines.

  1. Dance the night away:

No major tourist destination is complete without upscale nightclubs. If you’re staying in the Cotai area, you’d probably find a nightclub within a stone’s throw from your quarters. There is the Galaxy’s China Rouge, which is a club, lounge, art gallery, and cabaret in one. This is one of the clubs you’ll talk about to your friends back home.

  1. Head to a bar:

head to a bar top 10 things to do in hong kong macau at night

If you’d prefer a less physically demanding nightlife activity, you can’t go wrong with a good bar. Macau has just about everything for every drinker. Those who enjoy live performances can head to bars like MGM Grand’s Lion’s Bar, which has nightly live musical acts and an in-house DJ. Sky21 at the AIA Tower is a rooftop bar, for guests who like their tipple with a panoramic view.

  1. Look at the Guan Yin Statue at night:

Located near the Cultural Centre of Macau and Macau Harbour, the Guan Yin statue may not be Macau’s most popular attraction. In the day, it may even look ordinary. But believe us, at night, the Goddess of Mercy in Taoism becomes a shining golden beacon that is truly beautiful.

  1. Head to Fishman’s Wharf:

With an area of over one million square feet (more than 9 hectares), this entertainment complex that officially opened in 2006 exhibits a variety of exotic western and oriental architectural styles. It is one of Macau’s big new hotel/casinos, and it is also a theme park. Entertainment, shopping, restaurants, hotels, docks and convention facilities are in one place with parking for buses and taxis.

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