mekong delta best places to see in vietnam

Vietnam is situated in between the borders of Cambodia & Laos and the South China Sea. The beauty of the country includes the striking landscapes ranging from the beautiful rice terraces & mesmerizing mountains and the wonderful beaches towards the south here see – Best places to see in Vietnam.

The other attractions include the archaeological sites, traditional villages, colonial towns, booming modern cities & number of islands offering different kinds of activities. You can book Vietnam tour packages with price,vietnam   holiday packages from Smart Holiday Shop by contacting us at or 7838398058. Below is the list of best places to see in Vietnam.

dalat vietnam Best places to see in Vietnam

  • Dalat- Dalat has a pleasant and cool weather throughout the year. You will find wide varieties of colorful flowers, lush pine trees & magnificent scenery of misty valleys. A perfect destination for those who want to spend quality time away from heat. Dalat has a number of villas and French colonial architecture.

my son Best places to see in Vietnam

  • My Son- My Son is situated nearby Duy Phu village on the central coast. It is a famous archaeological site situated towards the South- East Asia.

ho chi minh city Best places to see in Vietnam

  • Ho Chi Minh City (also served as the capital of south of south Vietnam in ancient times)- It is situated near Mekong Delta towards the shore of Siagon river. It is Vietnam’s largest city offering a number of modern as well as historic attractions including nightlife, dining and shopping.

mekong delta best places to see in vietnam

  • Mekong Delta- Situated towards the south western part of the country it is mainly famous for its quaint villages, bird sanctuaries, sugar cane groves, rice paddies, fruit orchards & colorful floating markets. It is also called as the country’s Rice Basket as the area is meant for rice paddies, orchards and rice plantations.

nha trang best places to see in vietnam

  • Nha Trang- It is situated towards the Asia’s most magnified bays of south central part of the country. The main attraction is the beach. It is a famous scuba diving spot. Other attractions include water parks and amusement parks.

sapa best places to see in vietnam

  • Sapa- Sapa is a quiet place situated in the northwestern part of the country. It is surrounded by various hill tribes, rice terraces & pictorial mountains. Touring the traditional villages & trekking the mountains are the common activities at Sapa. You will also find the beautiful waterfalls, experience the Vietnamese customs and enjoy the local food.

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hue best places to see in vietnam

  • Hue- Hue is located in the central part of the country on the banks of famous river called Perfume River. Hue attracts people from different parts of the world. The infinite varieties of cuisines, culture and architecture makes it an awesome place to live.

hoi an best places to see in vietnam

  • Hoi An- It is an amazing city that belonged to the Champa Kingdom 2, 000 years ago. It is famous for its textiles, traditional culture & historic architecture. The beauty of this place lies in the traditional wooden houses and old architecture. There are hundreds of tailor shops selling souvenirs, bags, shoes, clothes & custom made services here are the list of  top 10 honeymoon destinations in vietnam cambodia for couple.



hanoi best places to see in vietnam

  • Hanoi– Hanoi is famous for its French colonial architecture & historical open-air museum that are still intact despite the Vietnam War. Other attractions include the beautifully designed tree- lined boulevards, the Saint Joseph Cathedral, the Presidential Palace and the Grand Opera House.

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