Mauritius Top 14 best beaches in mauritius for honeymoon

The island nation in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known for its vibrant culture and ethnicity. Mauritius’ beaches have great reputation all over the world for their surreal beauty and natural landscapes. Mauritius boasts of thriving tourism, owing all to its tropical climate, fantastic beaches and blossoming flora fauna. The sparkling beaches offer a plethora of water activities and tranquil surroundings perfect to bask in the lap of nature. Follow our guide to the Top 14 best beaches in Mauritius for Honeymoon and choosing which one to visit will not be that tough for you:

  1. Tamarin Beach
    is in the Tamarin Village of Mauritius, a beautiful village that’s surrounded by hills near Black River on the west coast. It is said to be the best beach in Mauritius for its popularity among the locals and tourists. Once known as Santosha Bay, Tamarin Beach in the present times is also called the ‘Surfer Beach’. It offers the perfect waves for surfing and sea-bathing. Its black sand and powerful current make it a super fun beach for sea lovers. There are two amazing surfing spots, Dal and Black Stone, that instantly catch the attention of keen surfers.

Tamarin Beach Top 14 best beaches in Mauritius for Honeymoon

  1. La Cuvette Beach:
    Situated near the town of Grand Bay in the northwest of Mauritius, La Cuvette Beach is a small beach as compared to the other beaches in Mauritius, but an extremely beautiful one, nevertheless. It is haven for those who love tranquil places minus all the hoopla related to heavy crowds. The azure, crystal clear waters coupled with the dazzling sand and boulders, and attractive cliffs, make for a perfect place for solitude seeking nature lovers.

La Cuvette Beach Top 14 best beaches in Mauritius for Honeymoon

  1. Flic en Flac beach:
    One of the most romantic beaches in mauritius, situated in the western part of Mauritius, in the Rivière Noire district, this amazingly beautiful and charming beach has the credit of being one of the longest and most popular Mauritian beaches. In proximity to another famous beach, Tamarin, Flic en Flac Beach has a lovely lagoon accompanied by beautiful coral reefs. and offers an extremely awe-inspiring view, especially at sunsets. Flic en Flac is just the right beach to go swimming or snorkeling or just sit by the peaceful shore.

Flic en Flac beach Top 14 best beaches in mauritius

  1. Mont Choisy beach:
    Located in the north of the country, Mont Choisy Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius, in addition to its being the longest. Its proximity to the airport makes it a popular transit stoppage. The beach glitters with sparkling blue water, attractive corals and lively marine world. The gorgeous shore is perfect to sit by and unwind while watching the charming nuances of the world. The curve-shaped bay is dotted with beautiful Casuarina trees that add to the glory and serenity of the beach.

Mont Choisy beach Top 14 best beaches in Mauritius for Honeymoon

  1. Poste Lafayette Beach
    is located in Roches Noires Village on the east coast of the island. The beauty of its peaceful little coves, lovely coastline and beautiful kilometer-long lagoon are enhanced with shiny blue waters and lush greenery. The allure of the beach is breath-taking, calming and refreshing, creating a perfect ambiance away from the hustle-bustle of city life. The soothing sounds of the mighty waves under the vast, majestic sky make it an experience you must have at least once in your lifetime. Plus, the restaurants and luxury hotels nearby make your visit comfortable and fun.Mauritius Tours

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Poste Lafayette Beach Top 14 best beaches in Mauritius for Honeymoon

  1. Grand Bay Public Beach
    One of the best things to do in mauritius is to head to Rivière du Rempart District and visit the Grand Bay Public Beach is right along the liveliness of Grand Bay Coastal Village. A spectacular tourist spot with ample opportunities of boating and catamaran activities, this fantastic beach is accessible by water from anywhere in Grand Bay. You should not miss it if you love splendid beaches, bustling water sports enthusiasts. Its gorgeous blue waters, wide lagoon, sparking sand along with nearby eateries and restaurants see many tourists and natives mingling around.

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Grand Bay Public Beach Top 14 best beaches in mauritius for honeymoon

  1. Blue Bay Beach:
    Located in the Grand Port district in the eastern part of Mauritius, Blue Bay Beach is an amazing spot for sea-bathing and swimming. Surrounded by Filao trees in a semi-circle, the beach has deep, azure waters, sparkling sandy shores and lively and vibrant people. There are plethora of activities like like swimming, diving, snorkeling, rowing, and fishing if you are looking at some fun and adventure. The marvelous turquoise water accompanied by the luxuriant greenery around make for a spectacular view.

Blue Bay Beach Top 14 best beaches in mauritius fro honeymoon

  1. Gris Gris Beach
    offers the pleasure of magnificent beauty of its blue waters, spread far and wide. Located near the Souillac village in the southern part of Mauritius, the beach is known for its majestic rock formations and amazing greenery. It is an ideal tourist spot just for the reason that it brings you close to nature. A simple walk by the shores fills you up with immense tranquility, joy and positive energy.

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  1. Riviere des Galets Beach
    is located between Souillac and Bel Ombre. It is one of the most marvelous and breathtakingly beautiful beaches in Mauritius. The presence of countless pebbles and shiny boulders along this lovely beachline are truly and art of marvel. Its turquoise water dazzles you along with its vast lagoon and dark sand. The beauty of this spot is truly majestic – its a perfect place it is to calm your soul and energize your mind.


  1. St Felix Beach
    is also known as ‘Chemin Grenier Beach’. It is divided into two parts, with its eastern part being more famous with tourists than the western part. It offers a great delight to its visitors with the charming sites comprising azure waters and beautiful lagoons filled with wonderful coral reefs. The wooden pier, right on the beach, makes for an enchanting sight.

St Felix Beach Top 14 best beaches in mauritius for honeymoon

  1. Belle Mare Beach:
    If you are looking for some liveliness and excitement then you can try out Belle Mare Beach. It has a close proximity to one of the major town of Mahebourg. You can stroll all by yourself in the beautiful beach. Highlight: Belle Mare has one of the best golf course in the island. There are some popular hotels too which you might find around the beach.

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  1. La Cambuse beach:
    When you have trees on both the side and you are surrounded with muddy lanes around, you can be sure that you are close to La Cambuse Beach.Highlights: You can find yourself surrounded with Casuarina trees. This beach is considered to be ideal place for camping and having a private family picnic. You can find small swimming spots where you can spend some quality time enjoying.

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