Gili Air 20 best island for indian couple in bali for honeymoon

This collection of the best islands around Bali should be among your top picks if you’re planning an island hop or two. Those looking forward to experiencing the underwater wonders that lie beneath the waves around Bali may already have the remote Menjangan Island on the island’s northwest national park, or the three Gilis which are within a 2.5 hours’ fast boat transfer from Bali, on their radar. These destinations offer you great tropical island getaways, each with their own sets of appeals. Bali’s northern coasts are known for their calm seas, with thriving coral gardens and great visibility almost all year round, while off the south-eastern shore lies the popular Nusa islands, a closely knit group of three with Lembongan as its most popular, home to beachfront villas, some great surf spots and other marine activities. Check out these 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon also for a different kind of island holiday, beyond the Bali ‘mainland’.



  1. Nusa Lembongan
    If you are looking for a slower version of Bali, Nusa Lembongan is the place to be. Sans traffic, sans hawkers, and with the best of the accommodations – this island is one of the most romantic getaways from Bali. The island does not allow any four-wheeler movements and that explains the no traffic thing. The locals either walk or cycle around. And so can you! While on a romantic holiday in Bali, one just can’t afford to miss this 20 year old version of Bali as it has got an enormous amount of adventurous activities to offer. The island has got picturesque villages to escape into, gorgeous aquamarine life to explore, and thick mangrove forests to boat into; thereby making it ideal for a honeymoon trip.nusa lembongan 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon
  2. Nusa Ceningan
    A retreat into the forgotten Lands! Once easily accessible via a rickety yellow bridge from Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan is famous as the forgotten notorious cousin of Bali island. Even less crowded, the island is known for seaweed farming and adventure. This little stony gem has got a 12 metre high cliff jumping point called Blue Lagoon that calls for the attention of all dare devils. And for the romantics, there’s a whole lot of beauty to enjoy.
  3. Nusa Penida
    Besides every expected perk that a typical Indonesian island would offer, the Nusa Penida has bird watching opportunities that are complemented by excursions to some of the oldest found caves of Indonesia. The island of rugged caves has got a Crystal Bay that boasts of pristine white sand stretches and crystal clear waters for the couples to explore. The beauty of FNPF Bird Sanctuary in the Ped Village only adds to reasons that make this destination rank among the most wonderful islands around Bali. nuda penida 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon
  4. Lombok
    A large volcano island off the east coast of Bali, Lombok is the most kaleidoscopic beauty around Bali. After your Bali island tour, when you are all set to explore islands close to Bali, Lombok is something that one can’t afford to miss. The south of the island has got a namesake of the Kuta in Bali; another Kuta in Lombok. Now this Kuta is considerably less crowded and has got some of the most spectacular beaches of Indonesia, making it a must-visit destination for the couples.
  5. Menjangan
    The wonderland of the underwater, Menjangan is among the most beautiful underwater ecosystems of Indonesia. Secretly hidden from the generic touristy, the waters of this island are home to almost 226 different species of fishes. And to add to it, the deep sea at this mystery island has a treasure in a 150 year old shipwreck of an unknown origination. Wouldn’t you want to go on a treasure hunt with your beloved? Oh! And there’s also the temple of Lord Ganesha on the island.
  6. Gili T
    Alright, welcome to the hippie lands of Gili Trawangan – noisy vendors and a heap of backpackers smoking on a wharf in close vicinity to fuel fumes. Gili Trawangan is the one of the most famous islands around Bali, frequented mostly by backpackers on a Bali tour. Though infamous for its hipster appeal, this island in Indonesia is just as romantic. The Hipster Island has got a sea life, so vivid that even a snorkel will help you see the turtles and the shades of corals. And the Ombak Sunset Swing on the shores is truly romantic. Besides, the island has got a great nightlife as there are a large number of bars that throw out late night parties by the beach.
    Gili T Bali 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon
  7. Gili Gede
    is totally a souvenir if you get to explore the hidden gems around Bali. A part of the Lombok’s Gili islands, it is located off the south coast. The romantic island near Bali is almost an undiscovered tropical beauty and is known for its snorkeling launch points. The undiscovered Snorkeling Souvenir has got some of the most pristine reefs for underwater explorations. Couples? Are you keeping a note?
  8. Gili Meno
    The most romantic among all the Gili islands around Bali, Gili Meno is a prime honeymoon destination. Romantic spots to rekindle the love, aviary, turtle sanctuary, the best of the snorkeling facilities, and secluded restaurants – one can’t ask for a better honeymoon setting. And, if you get to be on this Honeymoon island in June, you are in for some of the spectacular treats from the local restaurants.
  9. Komodo
    Alright, alright! Nothing that scary. The UNESCO-listed world heritage site of Komodo National Park on the Komodo Island houses the world’s largest lizards – the Komodo Dragons. Undoubtedly the animals of the islands gathe a lot of attention, but the surrounding waters also offer great scuba opportunities for the wildlife enthusiasts and couples. The underwater world of the Komodo island is home to the famous manta rays, sharks, and some of the most spectacular reefs of Indonesia. So, if you and your beloved are not daring enough, The Land of Dragons is where you should be looking romantic as well as hot place here you see – “best places to photograph,Instagram Spot in Bali
    komodo 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon
  10. Java
    To the west of Bali lies the cultural hub of Indonesia – Java. Thanks its myriad temples, architectural marvels, crude Indonesian culture & heritage, and a handful of volcanoes – Java is rightly called the mini Indonesia. Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Malang, and Bogor are the famous cities of this traditional island near Bali. The ancient Hindu temples of Borobudur and the Sultan’s place are embodiments to the royal Indonesian culture.
  11. Moyo Island
    About 280 km (170 miles) from Bali is Moyo Island, which is located just north of the island called Sumbawa. Moyo Island is relatively remote and mostly undeveloped, save for one luxurious resort. As a result, Moyo Island is the epitome of a luxurious escape for those who want to see a less crowded, more natural side of Indonesia, but who also want to make the most of upscale amenities. Most of the island is covered in the Moyo Island Hunting Park, where there are no buildings and plenty of wildlife. The entire coastline of the island is a marine conservation area, making it ideal for those who enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling.
  12. Gili Air
    Just off the coast of Lombok is a collection of islands known together as the Gili Islands. One of these is Gili Air, the island closest to Lombok. Gili Air has a reputation as the most relaxed of the Gilis, and it is a mecca for outdoor activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling and freediving are all popular off the coast, and a rich underwater life and beautiful coral reefs give you plenty to see. The local culinary scene revolves around fresh grilled seafood, and while nightlife is minimal, there is always an open bar and some live music to enjoy. Gili Air 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon
  13. Menjangan
    Far away from what one may expect on the cover of a postcard from Bali, Menjangan is a wildlife paradise like nowhere else in the archipelago. This unexploited island is part of the West Bali National Park, accessible only from the park’s main pier. From there, glorious Javan deer stroll the pristine beaches and Bali Starling sing from deep in the jungle. Divers in particular love this small island for its coral-covered walls and sunken shipwrecks, all enjoyed with great visibility and relatively calm waters
  14. Wakatobi
    Here can be found fringing, atolls and barrier reefs and offer more than 50 spectacular dive sites easily accessible from the major islands. This is the habitat of large and small fish species, the playground of dolphins, turtles and even whales. Wakatobi alone is said to have 942 fish species and 750 coral reef species from a total of 850 of world’s collection, which, comparing with the two world’s famous diving centers, the Caribbean Sea owns only 50 species with 300 coral reef species in the Red Sea, in Egypt.
  15. Belitung Island
    This tiny island paradise is part of the Bangka-Belitung island province in Indonesia, which also includes several other smaller islands ripe for exploration. Featuring dreamy white sand beaches and views that are like no other, here is where you’ll get to relax and cleanse both your mind and soul. So you’ve successfully escaped from reality and arrived at the surreal paradise that is Belitung Island. With so many gorgeous beaches and views to choose from, how can you best utilise your day here? Well, even if you don’t do anything and just laze around all day, here are the eight things that you definitely shouldn’t miss! Explore a dreamy world of white – Danau Kaolin Near Tanjung Pandan is a world of pure white that’s
    belitung island 20 best island for indian couple in Bali for honeymoon
  16. Togian Islands
    (or also known as Togean Islands) are like islands lost in between the midst of everything in Northern Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara) thus coining it as an almost a secret dive destinations. With this, it invokes thoughts of real independent traveling there and diving in unexplored areas. One thing for sure is the water is pristine and you would not see many other divers around. There are around 3 dive sites among the 56 islands! Imagine all the places untouched! You come here for dive, dive and dive but of course, it can possibly be also for just a retreat.
  17. Peucang Island, Ujung Kulon
    Encounter beautiful beaches at a stay on this remote island and get back to nature with roaming wildlife such as deer and boar. Plus, it’s home to the endangered one-horned rhino.
  18. Ora Beach, Maluku
    Maluku is a historical island where traders from Europe once came for spices. Ora Beach on Seram Island is completely remote with only one resort on it. Clear water, surrounded by great landscape, this is the ultimate retreat.

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