Tread upon the Haji Lane top 10 things to do in kampong glam singapore

Kampong Glam is the Muslim center of Singapore and houses mosques, carpet outlets, and restaurants that specialise in Middle Eastern cuisine. In recent times, the area has seen many cocktail bars and fancy restaurants shoot up. Tourists love to visit Singapore and Kampong Glam is especially enjoyed by travellers who enjoy the picturesque sights with stunning streets and beautiful shophouses here – Top 10 Things to do in Kampong Glam Singapore This is also one of the best places in Singapore with offbeat boutiques selling cult labels and vintage clothing. You can book Best Singapore Tour Packages from India, Cheapest Singapore Holiday Packages from Mumbai from Smart Holiday Shop by contacting us at [email protected] or 7838398058. The top 10 things do in Kampong Glam Singapore are:

1. Visit Istana:

Kampong Glam houses the Malay royalty in 19th century, and Istana Kampong Glam was constructed as the residence of the Sultan of Johor. The beautiful compunds reflects elements of British architecture which played a major role during the negotiations between the British colonists and the local Malay chiefs. Today, it is a famous monument in Kampong Glam.

2. Check Out the Persian Carpets

This area has various stores that sell Afghan and Persian carpets, rugs, mats, floor throws and cushions. You can bargain here to get a good deal and walk home with  a stunning traditional carpet.

3. Gorge on a scrumptious Meal

This area is popular for delicacies such as hummus and pita bread, kubbeh, feta cheeses, and wines. You can relax on a huge floor cushion and have your food and drinks served to you in the most regal manner.

4. Offer your prayers at the Masjid Sultan Mosque

It is situated on Muscat Street, and is very simple to spot due to its sparkling dome and prominent minarets that reflect the Indo-Saracenic style architecture. The main prayer hall is huge and can accommodate approximately 5,000 worshippers at once.

5. Go Clubbing

This area also houses some of the most popular night spots of Singapore that are loved by the locals and tourists alike. You will find many bars and clubs here that are popular for their boho vibes, great offers and the music festivals and street parties.

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6. Visit the Malay Heritage Centre

If you are interested in learning about the history of the Malay Community, then this place is a must visit. This museum showcases historical artefacts, interactive multimedia and colourful exhibits that belong to Singapore’s national collection and contributions from the community.

7. Tread upon the Haji Lane:

This is one of the narrowest and daintiest streets in Singapore. It is popular for its quaint and quirky collection of boutique shops and is a hangout space for all of Singapore’s cool kids. The colourful graffiti’ed lanes have many shops, markets stalls and the odd hip cafe and restaurant.

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 8. Arab Street
The Arab Street is adorned with historical structures, stalls meant for shopping and authentic Arabian food. It has many stalls and Mosques, restaurants serving delectable Indian cusine and places of religious worship such as the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

9. Go with your family to the Children Little Museum:
Located in a quiet peaceful corner is Children Little Museum, which is a treasure trove of historical playthings from a bygone era. It is a ubiquitous gem that awakens nostalgia and familiarity in Singaporeans, and takes back children to their childhood.

10. Go for a relaxing Spa Treatment:
After your happening vacation in Singapore is nearing its end, make sure to go to one of the most well-rated Spa’s in Kampong Glam for an unwinding and relaxing time. Truly, any vacation cannot be complete without a couple of hours and some dollar bills spent at the spa.

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