Tegallalang Rice Terraces Ubud

Bali is considered as one of the most loved destinations for a perfect vacation. This exotic island has a lot to offer for sightseeing which is some of the top 15 places to visit in Bali. The charm of the city lies in the stunning beaches, enthralling water sports and enchanting temples with their distinctive architecture and the emerald landscapes.

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  1. Pura Tanah Lot

pura tanah lot top 15 places to visit in bali

About 20 kilometers northwest of Kuta, Pura Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most iconic temples thanks to its spectacular seaside setting on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves. For the Balinese people, it is one of the most sacred of all the island’s sea temples.

Every evening, many tourists from Kuta, Legian, and Sanur find their way through a labyrinth of lanes lined by souvenir sellers to watch the sun setting behind the temple here. This is one of the most famous places to visit in bali for honeymoon.

  1. Ubud Art Market

ubud art market top 15 places to visit in bali

The Ubud Art Market, locally referred to as ‘Pasar Seni Ubud’ is located opposite the the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace and is open daily. Here you can find beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats; statues, kites and many other hand-crafted goods.

The Ubud market also serves as a setting for the Hollywood movie Eat Pray Love, which shows a scene where actress Julia Roberts opposite a male character strolling through the stalls which are frequently visited by foreign and domestic visitors in real life. Naturally, bargaining is essential.

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  1. Seminyak

seminya top 15 places to visit in bali

One of the places to visit in bali with family and popularly known as one of the most fashionable beach destinations and definitely one of the most upscale areas. Home to throngs of luxury restaurants, boutique hotels, and fancy restaurants, Seminyak is the perfect destination for a splurge.

Fashion stores and top dining spots with international chefs cooking up world-class cuisine line the streets making this a must visit location.

  1. Kuta Beach

kuta beach top 15 places to visit in bali

Kuta Beach, Bali’s one of the most famous beach resort destinations is an action-packed, tourist-thronged destination, filled with rows and rows of colourful lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Kuta beach has transformed from a quiet fishing village to a  booming tourist attraction due to the major influx of bars, eateries and resorts couples with throngs of beachcombers and tourists from all over flocking this beautiful beach.

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  1. Kintamani and Mount Batur – Central Bali

kintamani mount batur

Kintamani, located in the Karangasem Regency, is home to Mount Batur and the Caldera Lake. A favourite stopover on tour itineraries to this region is Penelokan, which aptly means ‘scenic stopover’.

The still-active Mount Batur volcano has erupted about 24 times since 1800, each time reshaping the surrounding landscape.

  1. Bali Safari and Marine Park – Gianyar

bali safari

Bali Safari & Marine Park is Bali’s largest animal theme park. The park is home to over 60 species, all roaming freely within their enclosures built to closely mimic their natural habitats.

Bus safaris take visitors on tours ‘around the world’, and animal talent shows are held regularly. Aquariums holding exotic fish specimens are nearby.

  1. Uluwatu Temple – Uluwatu

uluwatu temple

Uluwatu is among the Bali’s most important sea temples, perched on a cliff edge in the southwestern Bukit peninsula.

Here you can catch dramatic sunsets such as at Tanah Lot, Uluwatu also features an open amphitheatre close by, where sunset kecak fire dances can be enjoyed.

  1. The Hidden Pasir Putih Beach

The Hidden Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Beach in East Bali is one of the island’s ‘hidden’ beaches. Despite its remote location, this beach gained popularity being referred to by various nicknames, such as Perasi Beach referring to its village where it is located, including ‘White Sand Beach’, ‘Virgin Beach’ and simply, ‘Hidden Beach.

  1. Goa Gajah – Gianyar

Goa Gajah Gianyar

Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’ is an archaeological site of significant historical value that makes it a special place to visit. Located on the cool western edge of Bedulu Village, six kilometres out of central Ubud, you do not need more than an hour to descend to its relic-filled courtyard and view the rock-wall carvings, a central meditational cave, bathing pools and fountains.

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces – Ubud

Tegallalang Rice Terraces Ubud

Ubud is famous for its scenic expanses of rice fields. And the paddies with the best vantage point are just up north from the main Ubud centre, along the road of Tegallalang. Here, roadside stalls and art shops offering items and curios of all kinds line the street, as well as small restaurants offering diners great views

  • Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga

On completion of the lost masterpiece at the Ujung, the water-loving rajah of the Amlapura, was up with another go at building – the water palace of his dreams in the year 1948. He succeeded with the Taman Tirta Gangga which was a beautiful crescent of rice-¬terrace-lined hills for a backdrop.

  • Ubud Monkey Forest – Ubud

On the fringes of the Ubud main centre, Ubud Monkey Forest is one of Bali’s several grey long-tailed macaque-inhabited forests and perhaps the best known. Also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, and by its official designation as Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana,Ubud.

Monkey Forest is a place of scientific research as well as a site of spiritual and cultural aspects with temples sanctified by the local villagers deep within its grounds.

  • Lake Beratan

Lake Beratan is a hollow lake that has a caldera of about 1231 meters above the sea level. It is located at Bedugul and is an important attraction of Bali.  Tourists can access the lake via the dock which is desisted or provided around the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.

Visitors can also carry out an array of activities for recreation such as parasailing, water skiing, riding on the motorbike to circle the whole of lake, fishing, banana boating and canoeing with the traditional boat.

  • Sekumpul Waterfall

sekumpul waterfall

In the Singaraja region in Bali’s north, Sekumpul Waterfall, actually a series of about seven falls, is considered by many to be Bali’s most beautiful falls. Most hikers hire a local guide to do the three- to four-hour round-trip trek, which passes by bristling rice terraces and local villages rimmed with rambutan and durian trees, and continues through dense tropical jungle.

  • Ujung Water Palace

Taman Ujung ‘water palace’ with its official and complete designation of the Taman Sukasada Ujung, is the sister site of the Tirta Gangga that was also built by the late Raja of Karangasem.

Ujung Water Palace complex has a number of large pools that are alluring in every way. Amidst the pool, there is a principal building Gili Bale that is connected to the pool via a bridge.

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