Kelani river for whitewater rafting

Sri Lanka is an island that promises all kinds of adventures. This little nation of the magnificent vistas and awesome adventures has something for all the adventurers that go seeking their adrenalin fix to Sri Lanka. There’s everything from surfing to paragliding to whale watching to hiking to be done while in Sri Lanka. Find a list of the top 12 adventure places in Sri Lanka for you to check out during your trip:


  1. Arugambay beach for surfing:

Arugam Bay beach for surfing

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Sri Lanka is a surfer’s paradise you must visit. The most popular spot for surfing in Sri Lanka is Arugambay beach on the south east coast. Located at 314 kms from Colombo, Arugam bay is one of top 10 surf l spots in the world. This spot is popular with beginner and intermediate surfers, with sandy breaks that cushion one’s fall and reasonably sized pipes. For expert surfers, the west coast offers beaches with bigger and more formidable pipes. You can get surfing lessons here at reasonable prices as well.


  1. Trek Through Sri Lanka’s Mountain Tops
    Trekking is one of the best activities to do in Sri Lanka for nature lovers. Traverse through epic rainforests and mountains to see the Knuckles Range. In Bandarawela, you can find popular walks like Little Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock, and the Namunukula Mountain Range. In short, trekking in Sri Lanka is pretty amazing with many opportunities for exploration.


Trek Through Sri Lanka


  1. Sri Lankan Professional Diving School for Scuba Diving
    You can obtain a 4-day scuba diving course from a Sri Lankan Professional Diving School by the beach. Beginner divers aren’t allowed to go too deep or range too far, but there are many wrecks around the coast that you can explore comfortably with a guide. Check out the lush Staghorn Coral Reef, Leather Coral Reef, Irrachchal Reef and watch out for the Northern Indian Ocean blue whales as you dive. Some diving sites in Sri Lanka are better than those found in Maldives.

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  1. The great Basses for Deep Sea Diving

great Basses diving

The Sri Lankan coast is famed for its many buried ships. Several of these wrecks have been discovered, but many are still lost. This provides a great motivation for people to come here to go deep sea diving, in the hopes of locating the SS Norviken or the British Sergeant that are still missing. The Great Basses & Little Basses Lighthouses off Kirinda and Yala have some Surat Silver Coin wrecks to explore as well.


  1. Kelani river for whitewater rafting:

Kelani river for whitewater rafting

Sri Lanka’s waters offer you fabulous White Water Rafting experiences, such as the Kelani River in Kitul gala, which has 5 major and 4 minor rapids. White Water Rafting tours can be arranged by several tour companies in Sri Lanka. Make sure you rent the best possible equipment. Combine White Water Rafting with Canyoning and adventurous confidence jumps for more fun. Not only the Water Rafting activities such as mountain-biking, cultural sites and sites of fruit orchards and lowland tea plantations can be experienced at the Kitulgala.


  1. Highlands for Mountain biking:

 Highlands for Mountain biking

Sri Lanka is full of quiet back roads, highlands, misty tea plantations, dense jungles, national parks and so on, all of them strewn with lumpy and uneven roads. The country’s varied and diverse topography makes it ideal for the mountain bike adventurer. You can easily load your bike on a train to cross areas that you cannot bike your way through. A lot of the terrain is uphill, bumpy, rocky and definitely gravity-defying. It’s best to carry all the spare parts you need before you travel Sri Lanka by mountain bike.

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  1. Go to Negombo for Kitesurfing

Go to Negombo for Kitesurfing

is all about getting on a surfboard and grabbing hold of a large kite for the added push. The lush and beautiful 1600km of Sri Lankan coastline is open for you to kitesurf, full of great wind conditions ideal for kitesurfing, such as Negombo, on the west coast. You can rent equipment from any water sports providers in Sri Lanka. Season is from the start of May to the end September.


  1. Head to Bentota for Windsurfing


Most beginner windsurfer enthusiasts head to Bentota on the south-west coast to experience windsurfing. The tranquil waters here are best for beginners to train on, before heading to the ocean. North of Trincomalee on the west coast is where the Yala monsoon brings strong winds and rough seas.


  1. Go whale watching at Dondra Point: 

One of the most unique things to do in Sri Lanka is to go look at whales that are magnificent creatures. They are enormous yet one of the most graceful creatures I have ever seen. Not far off the coast of Sri Lanka, you can spot blue whales, the largest animals that ever lived. Blue whales can reach a whopping 100 ft in length and seeing them is a very overwhelmingly beautiful experience. Along with blue whales you can also spot humpback whales and dolphins in Dondra Point, a place accessible from Galle, Mirissa, and Hikkaduwa. Go out on a boat and stand in awe if you spot one of these incredible creatures.

Go whale watching


  1. Up and Away on a Hot Air Balloon in Dambulla:


While floating away on a hot air balloon isn’t necessarily the most adventurous thing ever it doesn’t mean it’s not a must do while in Sri Lanka! Drift along above the clouds over breathtaking hills and forests on a multi-colored hot air balloon. The best part about it? As you are literally flying on top of lush jungles, you may be lucky enough to spot elephants and water buffaloes roaming freely. It is a magical experience and fun things to do in sri lanka!

Air Balloon in Dambulla


  1. Wildlife Safari at Yala National Park:


Sri Lanka also has a wide range of wildlife safaris waiting to be discovered. From budget to luxurious safaris, Sri Lanka provides a variety of options. Make your safari dreams come true as you see elephants, a plethora of exotic birds, and if you’re lucky, maybe even the elusive leopard. Willpattu National Park and Yala National Park are a few famous parks where you can enjoy these close animal encounters.

Wildlife Safari


  1. Cycling across the Benota Bridge:


Cycs a popular tourist activity in Sri Lanka, especially through the hill country and away from the busy highways. One of the most popular cycling routes goes across the Benota Bridge, through local villages to the Virahaya Temple, and then to the Lunuganga House and Gardens.


We have provided you with an exhaustive list of the best adventurous places in Sri Lanka where one can try a myriad of activities ranging from rafting and sea diving to hiking and going on a safari. Without further ado, book best sri lanka Honeymoon Tour packages from india

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