Go on a Biking Tour Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand

If you are looking for attractions, the Khao Lak area is simply bursting with natural wonders: deserted beaches, verdant national parks, exotic tropical islands and refreshing waterfalls all lie within manageable distance from the many accommodation choices. All these things to do and see are unique opportunities to discover the wonders of this beautiful area. Khao Lak attractions can please all types of visitors all year round. During high season (from November to April) water sports and island-hopping are the main activities in the area, from snorkelling and scuba diving at the Similan or Surin islands to sunbathing and playing beach volleyball (or any other beach sports) on the never-ending shore of Khao Lak. Top 12 Things to Do in Khao Lak Thailand are:


  1. Turtle FestivalKhao Lak Thailand Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    One of the top 10 things to do in khao lak Thailand is to attend the Turtle FEstival which is celebrated every year during the first week of March, young turtle hatchlings are released back to the sea at Thai Muang National Park Beach. Volunteers are encouraged to come join in on the fun to help create awareness in the various turtle conservation projects that they have going on. The turtles often come to shore to lay their eggs between November to April. For conservation purposes, the turtles are placed in a Nursery and incubated until they are large enough to release back into the Andaman Sea.

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  2. Go on a Biking TourGo on a Biking Tour Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    If you read a lot of our articles, you would know that biking (and motorbiking) are one of our favorite ways to explore a place. Explore the best of Khao Lak as you go on half day, full day, or even multi-day trips exploring some of the most beautiful countryside and mountainous scenery. Most of the cycling tours will take you around Khao Lak, through the beautiful forested areas, as well as to secluded waterfalls. Definitely ideal for a lot of people
  3. Attend Cooking ClassesAttend Cooking Classes Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    As most of you already know, I am addicted to Thai food and can’t get enough of it. Have a go at taking cooking classes in Khao Lak as you learn how to cook some of the best delicacies in their cuisine like Pad Thai and a few other stir fries.
  4. Visit the International Tsunami MuseumVisit the International Tsunami Museum
    One of the best places to visit in khao lak, this isn’t really a full-blown museum with lots of memorabilia and exhibits, this place is still worth visiting (there are a few museums which had been set up apparently). A visit here is important in order to understand what the locals in Khao Lak went through as nearly all of them had family and friends which were killed or displaced during the tsunami. When the tsunami happened, there was little escape as the majority of Khao Lak’s land is flat.

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  5. Soak in Hot Springs
    After trekking through Khao Lak’s national parks, reward yourself by soaking in some hot springs. Located in two different areas, the Kapong Hot Springs are located near Khao Lak Lam Ru while Ban Bor Dan Hot springs in located near the Thai Muang National Park. Both hot springs have entrance fees so double check with your hotel to get the exact price.
  6. Beach Hopping in Khao LakBeach Hopping in Khao Lak Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    Whether you’re exploring Khao Lak independently or you are there for an all-inclusive holiday, visiting Khao Lak’s many beaches is a must. Graced with mile-long beaches, beachgoers have lots of options for beach exploration in this part of Thailand. The main strips of Nang Thong Beach and La On Village are popular spots due to their location.
  7. National Park TrekkingNational Park Trekking Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    As mentioned, exploring the great outdoors is one of the best things to do while in Khao Lak. Get lost in exploring the two national parks, Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park and Thai Muang National Park. Lak Lam Ru is a 125-square-kilometer stretch of tropical jungles and forests where you can find waterfalls and other interesting trails where you can spot various types of wildlife.

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  8. Go Chasing WaterfallsGo Chasing Waterfalls Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    Being on Khao Lak is like one big nature trip. Stunning beaches, jungles, and waterfalls. To escape the heat, one of the best things to do is explore the many waterfalls in the area. A few of the best ones are Lam Ru, a five-tiered waterfall, as well as the Ton Chong Fah falls in Khao Lak Lam Ru. The latter is a great spot for swimming if you need to cool down after trekking to the area. Both spots are stunning and worth visiting while you’re exploring Khao Lak. Shoes are recommended as some of the trails can get slippery.
  9. Explore the Ban Niang Night MarketThailand Tour From Delhi
    Going to night markets is one of my favorite things to do while in Thailand. Going there to explore the different Thai dishes to sample, and goodies to buy is a great way to learn more about the local culture. Located around 20 minutes away from Khao Lak Beach, this night market is in full swing every Wednesday and Saturday. Various trinkets and edible goods are for sale here. So go ahead and try a grasshopper (or two) while you’re there.


  10. Go Shipwreck Diving in Khao LakGo Shipwreck Diving in Khao Lak Top 12 things to do in khao lak thailand
    While the nearby Similan Islands are the crown jewels of diving in Thailand, Khao Lak is home to a few shipwreck dives worth visiting. Sunken around the area are HTMS Pratong, Premchai, MV Sea Chart and finally, Boonsung, these ships are fun to explore as every surface and crevice of the ship is now home to various marine species. From shrimps, crabs, trevally, eels, and lionfish, this place is a great option for those who want to explore the local dive spots.

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  11. Spas and massages:
    After a day diving, at the beach, clambering around waterfalls, what better way to relax than a relaxing session in a spa? Thai massages have ancient roots and are even considered to have spiritual origins. In and around Khao Lak there are many great spas offerings massages and other relaxing treatments. One of the great things about the spas is that they combine both western pampering with Thai healing traditions.
  12. Nature tours:
    Being in the middle of a tropical paradise, there are many options open to you in Kho Lak. There are plenty of tours running to national parks, river rafting, and other outdoor pursuits. One of the best available tours is to Khao Sok national park. You can take day trips as well as overnight trips to Khao Sok. In Khao Sok, you can indulge in jungle trekking, rafting, and even Elephant trekking. A word of caution – if you opt for elephant trekking, research you company carefully to ensure that they are reputable and treat their animals well.


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