If you are in love with sun, sand, and ocean you must plug into a trip in Sabah Malaysia. We always wonder to travel to such places that can be comfortably enjoyed without any regression.Sabah Malaysia is a state of Borneo island in Malaysia that turns you on with the most majestic primeval forest of SouthAsia abundant in beaches, coral reefs, wildlife, sightseeing places, glowing sunsets; nature hugging destinations, varied scenery, with beautiful rainforest can be experienced here here – 10 places to visit in Sabah Malaysia.

The landscapes enclosed with mountains aligned with the sea, islands, waterfalls, watery wonderlands, coastlines are some treasured locations in Sabah.

The incredible beaches and sunsets at “Borneo the third largest island of the world” will desperate you to stay overnight there. Nature lovers can experience the best canopies of the tree and inhale the charm of lush green passages throughout the Sabah and dive into the beaches.

Mark some irresistible places like Mantanani beach, Labuk Bay, Sipadan island, MariMari Island & village, MT. Kinabalu, Sabah tea gardens, Sabah wildlife reserve are some of the best places to visit in Sabah Malaysia. The Borneo is covered from three sides respectively by Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

  1. Sabah’s Rainforest

Sabah Rainforest 10 places to visit in Sabah Malaysia

The exotic and dense Sabah’s rainforest will fill your heart with refreshing vibes. Travelers from throughout the world visit Sabah’s rainforest and wildlife to witness the utmost forest architecture that is splendid in its own way. The natural views of the rainforest relatively exude some immensejaw-dropping sights to capture in the cameras.


The classic sceneries and landscapes are the most enticing views to gather in the forest with a variety of animal and bird species. Plan an overnight stay in the Danum Jungle valley to experience the affluence of nature with most treasured memories. Travelers can do trekking and sightseeing in the laps of Sabah’s rainforest. Here are you can enjoy watching some orangutans and pygmy elephants with lively locations.

  1. Sankadans Rainforest & Rainforest discovery center RDC

Rainforest discovery center located in Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve is an absolute place for such a curious mind who always seeks some nature hotspot. Here people in love with birds can admire over 300 bird’s species under the extended canopies of the reserve.

The RDC gives major photography goals to the explorers. Junkies who are brave enough can do hiking along the trails who leads towards a giant old tree with 1000 years. Here travelers can do trekking and hiking with enjoying all over the bridges trailing upon the jungle. The RDC is significant for providing habitat to the rescued from being smuggled or captured, orphaned, animals with enriched flora and fauna.

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  1. The Kinabatangan River

The Kinabatangan River 10 places to visit in Sabah Malaysia

The Kinabatangan River is located in Sandakan in East Sabah. After rushing in your accommodations you must go to the edge of theKinabatangan River. The river enthusiasts enjoy the boat safari on the river. In the middle of the forest, the river has its unique relevance to nature with hidden beauty.

Proboscis Monkeys and orangutans are the centers of attraction in the river yard. These creatures make wildlife more lush and amazing. Visitors love to do cruising over the river. It could be an amazing and heartfelt experience for the great nature lovers. This river gives you a goal for river expeditions.

  1. Tiny Mamutik Island

Tiny Mamutik Island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is one of the best locations astoundingly remarkable for its largely extended blue marina. The Mamutikisland is a lavish destination for carefree holiday seekers. Near to Kota Kinabalu, there are few more adjacent beaches that allow camping directly on the beach.

If you need some alone time, check out some best corner alongside the marina and let your soul feel the amazing vibe of Mamutik island.  On the coast of Sabah. Just chill on the Mari Mari Island of Sabah is just on few hours distance from Mamutikisland. Mari MariSeppangar Island is one of the discreet tourist islands that is surrounded by a turquoise sea.

  1. GomantongCaves

Gomantong Caves 10 places to visit in Sabah Malaysia

The Gomangton’s caves are one of the natural limestone caves of the world with instricate cave system out there in BorneoIsland. The bird’s admirer who is crazy for watching and capturing the sights of amazing birds must visit the Gomantong Birds Nest Caves.

On the edges of Bornean rainforest along with a panel boardwalk is the ingress to the Gomangtong Caves. This cave is fabulous, with its geological attributes that adorn habitats for the sheer millions of wildlife species to grow and nurture. This is a place where birds and nests are harvested every year to earn some illegal profit.

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  1. Kinabalu

Mt. Kinabalu is the highest Asian mountain peak of Borneo At 4095mtrs. It is high and towering above the clouds it is one of the best destinations to explore. The best season to visit the peak is at the start of dry summers from May to June. If you are willing to witness the sun from the peak of mountain then push yourself to wake up early in the morning.

This is the stupendous breathtaking Sabah tourist attraction among the 5 best places to see in Malaysia. There is another beautiful sight in thefoothills of Mt. Kinabalu, is the World Heritage site Kinabalu Park beckons and a well-organized and popped Mt. Kinabalu Botanical Garden.

The garden is enriched with diverse biological species which is one of the ecologically richest diversity in the world. Here are some more scenic locations like Borneo tropical rainforest walks, Bukit Tupai, and Silau Trails with mountain views.  This is the best place to capture selfies with the rising sun in the midst of a cool breeze.

  1. Sabah tea plantation

Sabah tea plantation 10 places to visit in Sabah Malaysia

Let’s have a cup of tea! At the Sabah tea plantation in the rainforest of Borneo. It is one of the best organic teas around the world. Tourist fond of coming here to watch the mountain based tea plantation and get pampered to buy some homegrown natural tea products.

These tea are individually picked by hand from the lush green tea hillsides. The green view is the delight for the photographers and visitors. It is one of the curious places to know about making tea in the laps of nature itself. Just amaze yourself with the cup of purely organic tea accompanying with the best misty views of the rainforest.

8.      KampingLuanti

Embellished with lush green trees and silver-blue water KampingLunati is close to Sabah tea plantation composed with Malaysian Mahseer (a type of fish) is one tenacious places to visit in Sabah with rich natural beauty. It gives you a major camping and jungle trekking goal to nurture a fresh voyage.

The peculiar fish massage and spa make locals and outdoor peoples get naturally mesmerized with the nibbling of the fishes around your feet. It is a trifling place alongside the local river yet a fun tourist delight. There are nine species of fishes that are cultivated for massage purpose also for the cure of psoriasis if anyone has.

  1. Lankayan Island & Beach

Lankayan Island & Beach 10 places to visit in Sabah Malaysia

Lankayan Island & Beach is a tropical coral reef is located in the lushness of island of the Sulu Sea, of Borneo, in the province of Sabah. This soothing little island stuffed with chalet resort has some astounding sandy beaches that resist tourist an unconditional tropical wildlife experience.

It’s lapped in a National Park region. A Turtle Rehabilitation center is the main attraction on the island and is open to the visitors here you can enjoy watching turtles activities. The Lankayanisland is a major diving destination in Sabah to be pinned on the Malaysia tour packages Smart Holiday Shop for an outstanding experience.

  1. Gaya Street Sunday Market

Last not the least if tourists are charmed with the unconditional beauty of the nature in Sabah Malaysia and wish to shop some attributes then travelers must hangout in the Gaya Street Sunday market situated in the center of the city. The market is a commonplace to buy Malaysian Art & craft along with Malaysian seafood and edibles. With it awesome multi-cuisines it gives you a perfect day out on the streets of Sabah to remember.



For now just book your next trip to Sabah, Malaysia to enjoy the significant landscapes & tremendous location that must be pen down as Sabah traveling Diaries. The lushness of greenery adds splendor to the tour. The hustling- bustling water exhales a fresh natural fume that makes it a best romantic place for the lovebirds and families to revive their insights and energy with capturing some amazing beauty in the lens of your camera to treasure memories.

The vacation in Sabah offers a lot of well-to-do adventure and sports that becomes ultimately memorable and visitor a lyrical admirer of the charm of Sabah.


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