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Elephant safari in Thailand

Elephant safari is a thriving attraction in Thailand and is known to contribute extensively to the tourism industry of the country. Tourists from all over the globe who come to explore Thailand, love to visit these majestic creatures. Moreover, since the majority of Thailand population is Buddhist, elephants even hold a deep cultural significance in Thailand. Though earlier, these giant but gentle animals were inconsiderately used for recreational purposes, but recently several initiatives have been taken to foster a more meaningful relationship between elephants and people.

This relationship is mainly promoted through the usual trekking and elephant safari tours in Thailand. You will not only develop a warm and friendly bond with elephants but will also understand their sacred bond with their mahout in these safaris. If you wish to spend some memorable moments of fun and affection with these lovable creatures, then here are some amazing elephant safaris in Thailand for you. Continue reading!

1. Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, Chiang Rai

Located at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort, this camp provides a wonderful opportunity of developing your bond with elephants. This camp is also a source of providing a home and employment opportunity for over 20 former street elephants as well as to mahout and their families. The activities in which you can indulge in these camps include taking daily care of elephants, helping to bathe the elephants in river, learning how to drive elephants like a real mahout, and even go on a forest trek with these elephants. It will surely be an exceptional experience.

2. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

Situated on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, this lovely acreage provides a sanctuary of over 30 elephants. The best part is that most of these elephants are those who have earlier been a victim of abuse and mistreatment. When here, you can get a chance to witness elephants being carefreely themselves in their own environment. You can watch them interact in their herd, play with each other and bathe in river. In the day guest program, you even get to feed and bath these majestic beings. If you want a bit longer, intimate experience and don’t mind a bit of hard work, then you must also look for their wonderful volunteer program.

3. Elephant Haven, Kanchanaburi

Elephant Haven is a brand - new facility provided at Sai Yok, located 130 kilometres west of Bangkok and is under the tutelage of Lek Chailert from Elephant Nature Park. The camp has already taken the chains off of six elephants from a local trekking camp and they aim to eventually rehabilitate another 49 from the camp. The place has a very motivating and great motto which will inspire and impress every wildlife enthusiast. Visitors and volunteers are most welcome at this fledgling sanctuary.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast or hold a special love for these majestic beings, then these elephant safaris will provide you a golden opportunity of observing and interacting with elephants closely.

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