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Nightlife in Thailand

Are you a party animal? Are you planning a vacation to Thailand? Are you planning a vacation there only to have a taste of their nightlife? If yes, then let us tell you that you are in for an exciting night out. Being a party lover, if you think that you have already endured the wildest nights from your party bucket list without even visiting Thailand, then you are in for a great surprise. Thailand is considered as the king of a crazy nightlife and is even widely known throughout the world for being an amazing bachelor’s pad.

The place is known to host some of the world’s best wild and edgy parties. Though Thailand is known for being a home to more provocative forms of entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that Thailand doesn’t offers sober nightlife experience. The beauty of Thailand lies in the very fact that it has something or the other for just everyone, all you have to do is just look for what you desire. Want to know some great party places in the party hub of the world, Thailand? Then continue reading because we have picked out the best ones for you!

1. Pattaya Walking Street

Situated at the heart of Pattaya, stretching for about 1 km, this street is considered as one of the busiest, biggest and craziest streets in whole Thailand. While walking down the Pattaya Walking street, you will see that every building on this street is either a nightclub, massage parlour, restaurant, music bar, go-go bar or a beer bar. One can say that Pattaya Walking Street is definitely the best place for bachelor party in Thailand.

2. Maggie Choo’s

If you are envisioning that Thailand is just a home to sleazy bars and sketch back alleys, then Maggie Choo’s will be a great surprise to you. It is a small, old and wooden which will open you up to this wonderful restaurant cum club. With great background music, dimmed lighting, tastefully designed ambience and tasty food will set a party which you crave for. In short, Maggie Choo’s have got almost everything which will set party mood.

3. Sunset Lounge

If you want to sway to the beats of music, chill around on comfy chairs, enjoy the mesmerising view while sipping in your drink on a windy night with your special someone, then Sunset Lounge is the perfect place for you. When here you can enjoy a vast variety of drink options and quench your thirst to your hearts content which will surely turn your night into a wonderful celebration. Once you get the taste of the place, you will forget about any other.

These were just a few of the many amazing party outlets in Thailand. If you are a true party lover, then Thailand is nothing short of a true paradise for you. So, get ready to live some carefree, lively and fun moments of your life in these trippy and addictive Thailand night club.

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